Inspiring Yarns: Dye Ninja’s Description Poetry

As I’m researching opening a bricks-and-mortar yarn shop, I’m paying attention to the big picture in yarn. I’m looking at things with fresh eyes and noticing the packaging, positioning, pricing. I know what I like, but I don’t know why I like it. I wanted to keep some notes and share them as I figure that out. Great copywriting is something I love.

Description Poetry

I just came across a new (to me) yarn brand via a post by Karie Westermann on her blog. Their collaboration will include a shawl and a yarn. I love that they both have a literary feel to their work.

I noticed some of the descriptions in Dye Ninja’s catalogue read like little poems.

Dye Ninja’s website is spartan. Names include code numbers, reminding you of their status as inventory, “CSF – Desert Rose,” for example. But when you read the descriptions they are little tercets. Short poems about colour.

The images evoke colours, but also awaken other associations.

CSF – Desert Rose

Dusky warm pink.

Sand-blown rose petals, splashes of desert sand.

Climbing roses burning a little in the seraglio gardens.

The scenes bring about sensations of temperature or smells. It’s not just a Rose Pink, it’s blown by sand.

The colours are associated with specific materials, such as grey-blues with metal.

CSF – Scimitar

Deep-mid grey overlaid with blue.

Greys – from charcoal through pale cloud – all touched with deep steel blue

The blued steel of sword blades. Yarn honed to a sharp edge!

CSF – Isfahan

Silvery grey/blue

Some tonal variation in the skein: palest silver-grey; platinum; silvery blue; very pale ‘air force blue’; a few streaks of ‘air force blue’; a few streaks of pale denim blue; occasional tiny splashes of mid-denim blue.

An expensive-looking colour. Refined. It suggests wealth, and makes me think of Ancient Persia. Named for the ancient capital of Persia (Iran) at the time of the silk route.

The colours can evoke stories and refer to history. It makes me realise how much meaning we imbue into colour, and how much colours mark periods in and specific memories.

Just thought that was so nice.

Check out Dye Ninja’s catalogue of colours


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